Monday, December 4, 2017

Back in action

It's been almost 5 years since the last post in this blog... Time flies, huh?

During these years I visited Florida, California and Paris, made a couple more games, managed to open a US company, made a website for it, my older kid went to school, I upgraded my business development skills, moved to another city, grew a beard and even personally met Tim Schafer (the guy I mentioned in that previous post). Phew!

OK, so here's the news.

News number one: I added 5 more projects to my portfolio since that last post. The longest project took 18 months to make it to a demo with a team of 6, me included. The shortest took 5 months and included a complete redesign of 30 levels, game balance and writing of story / characters.

News number two: I decided to take a break from product game development and switch to outsourcing game / VR development service. As of now I am a Game / VR Development Director at N-iX, one of the biggest software development companies in Eastern Europe. So there'll be many posts about what I do there (well, except confidential info, surely). Still I am not giving up on Game Design, I attend conferences and meetups, read master-classes and look for friendships to talk to my fellow designers.

News number three: From now on this blog is in English. I think those who read this to learn about game design or production should understand it either way.

PS: I'll try to follow up a rule to post here at least something once a week or more often. The blog has to be alive, isn't that right?! In the meantime, here, have a nice beach photo.

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